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At Lipakshi, you will find sublime and serene costumes created with enchanting styles, exquisite fabrics and elegant embroidery masterfully detailed by dexterous artisans. Our master tailors sew life and beauty onto each fabric with their precise stitching and expertise. Behind all our products lay a meticulous design process that sometimes involves weeks of hard work. […]


If you wish to cancel an order you have placed with us, kindly do so within 1-2 days of order placement. Cancellation requests for customised or Prebooked or personalised orders are not possible under any circumstance. We do not encourage returns or refunds for any of our products as we take utmost care in ensuring […]

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I truly believe Augustine’s words are true and if you look at history you know it is true. There are many people in the world with amazing talents who realize only a small percentage of their potential. We all know people who live this truth. we also know those epic stories, those modern-day legends surrounding […]

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Success isn’t really that difficult. there is a significant portion of the population here in North America, that actually want and need success to be hard! Why? so they then have a built-in excuse when things don’t go their way! pretty sad situation, to say the least. for those of you who are serious about […]

The other virtues practice in succession by Franklin were silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, Justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity and humility. For the summary order he followed a little scheme of employing his time each day. From five to seven each morning he spent in bodily personal attention.

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Making a decision to do something – this is the first step. we all know that nothing moves until someone makes a decision. the first action is always in making the decision to proceed. this is a fundamental step, which most people overlook. without clarity, you send a very garbled message out to the Universe. […]

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